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Monica Manga

Program Officer

MONICA MANGA is a young passionate woman Peacebuilder, a women’s right activist and a social justice advocate. She is passionate about learning and experiencing new things, Monica was born and raised in The Gambia, she lives with both parents and siblings. In 2017 Monica graduated from St. Peter’s Technical Senior Secondary School and then proceeded to The Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). Being inspired by the work that young people in The Gambia do, Monica deem it necessary that for one to effectively advocate for women’s issues especially violence against women and girls, the society must first be at peace. Taking into consideration that a violent-free society must be a peaceful society, Monica then became a volunteer at Peace Hub The Gambia, where she was exposed to advocating for the importance of peaceful co-existence and tolerance in a society of diverse people and trained on women peace and security, youth peace and security, social cohesion and Sexual and Gender based violence. 

She is a member of The Pan African Female Youth Leaders (PANAFYL) a non-profit organization formed by a coalition of young female progressives across the African continent aiming at ending all forms of violence against women and children.

Monica currently serves as the programme officer at Peace Hub The Gambia (PHTG), a peace building and social cohesion organization that seeks to create a conducive platform for youths in peacebuilding.



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