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Bakary D. Sonko

Co-Founder & National Programme Coordinator

Bakary is an award winning Peacebuilding and leadership champion, Co – Founder and National Programmes Coordinator of Peace Hub The Gambia, the leading Youth led Peacebuilding Organization in The Gambia. He has over 10 years of experience in the Peacebuilding field engaging youth and women to advance progress towards the attainment of peaceful communities both within and outside The Gambia. 

In March 2019, Bakary won the prestigious YALI Spirit Award from the Young African Leadership Initiative in Accra, Ghana also, He was awarded as the Outstanding Peacebuilder in Kigali, Rwanda, at the Peacebuilding Institute under Never Again Rwanda for his contributions to Youth, Peace and Security and Women, Peace and Security respectively. Bakary co- lead the designing and dissemination of the conflict and development analysis of The Gambia, co – designed the first ever Peacebuilding Training Manual with the support of the UN Peacebuilding Fund through UNFPA The Gambia. In 2021, his Organization was supported by the UN Peacebuilding Fund through UNFPA The Gambia and UNDP The Gambia respectively to engage communities ahead of the most anticipated elections in the history of Gambia’s democracy, through the activities, Bakary led the challenge for a peaceful elections through #ISupportPeacefulElections which delivered one of the most peaceful elections in the history of Gambia’s Democracy. Through his Organization, he brought an end to an age old conflict between two villages as a result of land conflict. 

Through his incredible leadership and unmatched passion for youth and women engagement, especially for peacebuilding and sustainable development, Bakary continue to lead innovative activities that create more opportunity for young people and women to actively take part in peacebuilding processes in The Gambia and beyond; one of which is bridging the gap between civilians and security through the organization’s Community Policing initiative where he initiated a partnership between his Organization and The Gambia Police Force and The Gambia Armed Forces respectively. Currently, through his Organization, he is initiating innovative ways of empowering youth and women participation in the realization of the sustainable development goals in The Gambia.  

Aside all these engagements and impact, Bakary recently completed his bachelors degree in Development studies at the University of The Gambia, he holds a diploma in Peace and Conflict studies, a Higher Teachers Certificate from The Gambia College. Equally, Bakary is an Alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative Accra, an Alumni of the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding pool of Peacebuilding Trainers Ghana, an Alumni of the West African Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Advocacy Ghana, an Alumni of Yiaga Youth Organizing school, Nigeria and an Alumni of the Peacebuilding Institute under Never Again Rwanda. 

Bakary served as the Programme Officer of The National Youth Parliament where he led the implementation of life changing initiatives for young people before he subsequently co – founded Peace Hub The Gambia to advance more youth and women participation in Peacebuilding in The Gambia.

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