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Peacebuilding (PB)

The PB is one of the most important programs of PHTG. The reason why we are here.

Youth Engagement and Political Participation (YEPP)

Create a safe space for the engagement of all – men and women, people living with disability, etc.

Governance and Democracy

Governance and democracy are a great catalyst for peace, security, transparency, accountability and development.

Interfaith and Culture (IfC)

Create a platform for faith groups and different cultural communities to engage in a dialogue to harness the gains ...

Never Again (NA)

Create an open platform for survivors/victims of the dictatorial regime of Jammeh, human right activists, youth, Government

Gender, Equality and Inclusion (GEI)

Create of platform for gender, women, men conversations with the aim of promoting gender

Peacebuilding and Climate Action (PCA)

Just like many other human activities, Climate Change affects impacts the social harmony of many communities around the including The Gambia

Youth, Peace and Security (YPS)

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015) is the first international policy framework that recognizes the positive role young people

Women, Peace and Security (WPS)

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (S/RES/1325), on women, peace, and security, was adopted unanimously

Youth Voices

This initiative will target influential youth to use their status, serve as ambassadors and add their voices to sending peace message


The journey towards the attainment of the sustainable development goal cannot be realize in the absence of effective youth and women participation anywhere and everywhere

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