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Project Overview

1.     #Walk4PeaceGMB


The Gambia has been known for its hospitality and rich social harmony and this has made the country attract a lot of international attention especially in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election that ushered the growing democracy that gave birth to the reform processes that is set to place the country on the path to greater progress and development. Despite the efforts to put the country on course for greater progress, there exist some political and social factors that serve as a challenge to the democratic process as we head to the most anticipated elections in history. Thus, Peace Hub The Gambia seeks to explore innovative ways of engaging stakeholders that will shape a path to greater political tolerance, diversity, promote social cohesion and promote the promotion of women and youth in peacebuilding processes.

Recognizing the importance of sport in peacebuilding, Peace Hub The Gambia presents #Walk4Peace, a day event that seeks to promote peace through exercise, by bringing together stakeholders of the democratic process: Politicians, civil society, students, women, young people including persons living with disabilities etc to walk and reflect on the state of democracy whiles we shape peace ahead of the most anticipated elections in December 2021.

#Walk4Peace is a unique and multidimensional approach we envision as part of our mainstreaming process for  peace advocacy and commitment to strengthening peacebuilding process especially using tools that binds us together like sports. We are using such platforms to build social cohesion through dialogue and integration interaction with the expected diversity expected to interact during the day event.

#Walk4Peace 2021 will be an amazing platform to reflect and recommit to the gains of democratic dispensation we envisioned together as a country nearly five years in the spirit of The Gambia We Want. We will bring a cross section of the society to pave a holistic approach toward maintain peaceful existing and strengthening social cohesion using our most valuable ways.

The walk featured the following activities:

Walking Exercise: This will target heads of political parties, students, civil society actors, women, youth including person living with disabilities to match from Traffic Light to Westfield in the company of The Gambia Police Force.


Political Party Peace Commitment (PPPC): This will feature a signature of a “Peace Tree” by all the political parties as a symbol of commitment to peaceful campaign. The PPPC will seek to create a social contract among and between the political parties to champion sustainable peace pre, during and post December 4th, 2021 Presidential election. 


Launch of Peace Hub The Gambia Peace Song: The #Walk4Peace will also feature the official launching of Peace Hub The Gambia’s advocacy peace campaign our Youth Voices Ambassador. This will also inspire #MyPeaceCommitment video challenge to promotion of social harmony among politicians and the citizenry.



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